What is the Browser Fingerprint API?

A Browser Fingerprint API  is a unique combination of attributes that make up your digital profile. It includes things like screen resolution, installed fonts and hardware configurations. It is used to identify and track web browsers and devices and can be used for online marketing, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and more.

The browser fingerprinting API is a set of JavaScript functions that gather information about a web browser and device to create a unique ID. This data can then be used to identify the individual and their online behaviors. This is done without using persistent identifiers (like cookies).

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When fingerprinting, it is important to consider all the factors that contribute to a unique fingerprint. Some of these include the user agent, screen size, operating system, windows, font settings and more. A common approach is to use hashing that reduces data points into a single value. The hash does not change even if you clear your cache and cookies, or use incognito browsing mode.

Some browsers have built in protection against detailed fingerprinting. Firefox for example shows permission dialogues and uses deliberate fuzzing to reduce the amount of fingerprintable data returned by some APIs. Requiring permission to see geolocation also helps as it decreases the extra entropy that can be added by that method and helps with privacy.