The Best Halal Food in Singapore

As Singapore’s halal food scene becomes increasingly diverse, there’s no shortage of dining options. But what do the locals really like? From buffets to burgers and even Malay cuisine, these are some of the best halal food in singapore.

Does halal apply to all food?

Located at the heart of Arab Street and Bugis, this popular buffet is known for its all-inclusive variety of dishes from across the globe. Expect a plethora of selections including Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean and European fare. The Landmark Restaurant is a top choice for those looking for a halal buffet that is affordable, but also offers a delicious meal.

Sleek and stylish, this swanky halal restaurant is a favourite among locals for their impressive selection of mouthwatering cuts of beef. Expect dishes to be served alongside fresh seafood and a wide range of veggies. The restaurant is especially busy on weekends and during festive seasons.

A definite must-visit when in Yishun, this vintage-looking halal cafe serves up traditional Indonesian cuisine to pay homage to the founders’ heritage. Dine on mouthwatering mains such as ayam panggang rica rica (grilled chicken), daging sapi rendang (beef simmered in thick coconut sauce) and nasi padang, alongside a generous serving of rice.