What Is Corporate Travel Management?

Corporate travel  (or TMC) is a company’s strategy and execution of all aspects of employee business travel. This includes strategic travel planning, negotiations with suppliers, day-to-day travel program management, cost control, data analysis and reporting, traveler safety and security, and credit card management.

In most organizations, there is someone in the finance or administration department who monitors company travel. Whether it’s an in-house travel manager or a member of the admin team, this person has to deal with multiple requests from employees. It can be a huge burden and a distraction from the rest of their role.

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A travel agency can relieve this stress by taking on the responsibilities of booking, arranging and organizing flights, hotels, rental cars, taxis or trains. They can save time by providing travel support during and after the trip, and they can also provide great deals on accommodations and transportation.

Finally, a TMC can help with enforcing the company’s travel policy through the use of technology. This means that when an employee books something through the system, the manager can approve it and ensure that it’s within budget. This creates more accountability and transparency for everyone involved in company spending.

Becoming a corporate travel manager requires a significant amount of experience and specialized knowledge in the field. This is why this job is often filled by people with a strong background in travel and hospitality. Having a bachelor’s degree in these areas will increase your chances of being a successful candidate.