Spray Foam Insulation 316 Insulation

When 316 Insulation is applied correctly, it provides excellent coverage and will seal all of the spaces, cracks and crevices in your home. It’s much more effective than fiberglass batts or rigid foam. It also doesn’t settle, allowing it to retain its shape and prevent gaps from forming over time.

Understanding the Spray Foam Insulation Process

Closed-cell spray foam is a great option for homes with crawl spaces, basements and rim joists. It has a very high R-value and offers protection from rodents, insects and moisture while creating a more airtight home and reducing energy costs by 10 to 15 percent. It does cost more than open-cell foam, however, so it is important to consider all of your options when choosing which type of insulation to purchase.

Open-cell spray foam uses carbon dioxide or water as the blowing agent and is less harmful to the environment than its closed-cell counterpart. It creates an air barrier and a solid barrier against sound while keeping the interior of your home warm or cool. It is most often used as a thermal and vapor barrier in foundations, crawl spaces, sheds and garages.

Having spray foam installed by a professional is recommended to ensure a job well done. It takes experience and specialized equipment to achieve consistent coverage and proper expansion of the insulation. Professional installers will have high-end rigs that ensure the foam is mixed perfectly and sprayed at the correct temperature. They can also monitor the progress of each area, ensuring that it is achieving the desired performance levels.

316 Insulation
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