How to Use an Email Verification Checker

email verification checker

Email verification checker  is a crucial tool for any marketer who wants to make sure their messages land in a valid inbox and their contacts are real people. Without a reliable email verification checker, your emails will bounce and the deliverability of your messages and campaigns will suffer.

To validate an email address, an email verifier sends a small ping request to the email server and checks whether it responds. If the ping check is successful, the email is considered active and you can send it to your recipients.

An email validation tool also performs a domain existence check to ensure that the domain name is registered and working correctly. This is a crucial step in email validation because if the domain name no longer exists, all of the associated email addresses will also stop receiving messages.

Why Email Verification Checker is a Must-Have Tool for Your Marketing Campaigns

A quality email verification tool will also check for role-based email addresses, such as sales@, info@ and support@, that are not associated with a particular recipient. These are often used by spammers and can result in excessive spam complaints that affect your sender reputation.

Regularly verifying your email list will help you reduce your hard and soft bounce rates, prevent wasting money on non-deliverable emails, increase your email marketing ROI, improve customer engagement and cut down spam complaints. You can either batch-upload your email lists for email validation or integrate an API with an email verifier to do it in real time. Both options are available with most trusted email validation services, and both offer pay-as-you-go pricing, monthly plans or custom enterprise pricing.