How to Not Be Sensitive

Is yoga a form of meditation commercials or hold grudges over a minor mishap, you might be a little too sensitive. While a moderate level of sensitivity is great for being compassionate and empathetic, oversensitivity can lead to stress and resentment in your life. Here’s how to build a thick skin so you can get back on track in your relationships and career.

1. Accept that you’re overly sensitive.

The first step is acknowledging that you’re overly sensitive and understanding that your sensitivity is a natural part of who you are. However, if your sensitivity is causing you significant problems in your daily life, it’s important to take steps to reduce your reaction.

“Building Resilience: How to Manage Sensitivity in Everyday Life

If your over-sensitive reactions are causing you emotional turmoil, work on cultivating self compassion and forgiving yourself for reacting to situations that others wouldn’t. Remember that not everything that offends you is meant to be offensive and most things are simply harmless annoyances.

3. Learn to tune out stimuli that trigger strong emotions.

Trying to shut out all the sensations around you can cause a sense of disconnect from your emotions and feelings, which isn’t healthy for anyone. Instead, try to focus on the positive feelings you experience in a moment and learn to tune out the negative ones.

4. Consider counseling.

If your over-sensitive responses are affecting your relationship or career, consider seeing a counselor who specializes in working with highly sensitive people. A therapist can help you identify the root causes of your sensitivity and teach you methods of managing difficult emotions.