How to Choose a Podcast Management Agency

podcast management agency

A podcast management agency is a company that handles all the work of producing and marketing your podcast. It is often the case that a brand’s internal team doesn’t have the time or experience to launch and grow a podcast on their own, so a management agency takes this burden off the backs of in-house teams. This can allow them to focus on other more strategic tasks that the brand has going on. Find out

There are a number of key factors to consider when looking for a podcast management agency. The first is the size of the budget that you have available, as this will affect which agencies are able to take on the project and what services they can offer. Another factor is the scope of work that you require, which can vary depending on whether your podcast is B2B or B2C, for example. Finally, you need to evaluate how well the agency’s proposal matches up with your brand goals. It is important that the agency’s proposed strategies can generate excitement within your team and provide measurable results.

Building a Strong Podcast Community: The Power of Engagement with a Podcast Management Agency

JAR Audio is a full service podcasting agency that has worked on shows such as the Stack Overflow and Postlight Podcasts. They offer a wide range of editing services, including removing audio from video, audio clean up, fine cutting, tagging, sound design and more. They also offer editing of the podcast track so that clips can be used for social media and other promotional needs.