Excel Techniques to Make Your Job Easier and More Efficient

excel techniques

Learn some of the essential excel techniques to make your job easier and more efficient.

Excel has a lot of different functions that help automate calculations and tasks. Most of them start with an equal sign, then the function name (usually in lower case), and a set of parentheses. There are a variety of functions that cover business, statistics, finance, date and time, text, document information, and more. More info:  Resource

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Sorting and filtering are some of the most useful Excel techniques for cleaning data before performing any type of analysis. Sorting is an automatic process and can be done in a number of ways. Filters are more intrusive and require the user to decide what data they want to display. Both tools serve their purpose and knowing when to use one or the other is key for proficiency.

Formatting your data makes it easier to work with and more readable. Some of the most important formatting options are the ability to change the font, size and color. This is especially helpful if you have large numbers in your spreadsheet.

Adding borders to your spreadsheet will make it more visually appealing and organized. There are several ways to do this in Excel, but the most efficient method is using a formula. There are also a few ways to reduce the amount of space that headers take up.