Benefits of Breathwork Training

Breath Masters Training is a unique, holistic wellness course that offers the perfect balance between science and emotion. This course is a combination of theory and practice and teaches you how to incorporate breathwork into your yoga class, your life and your clients.

Breatwork is breathing meditation that can be used to lessen overstimulation, promote relaxation and improve physical health. It also helps to release deep seated emotions and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns of behavior that aren’t serving our goals.

According to a 2017 study published in Frontiers in Psychology,1 participants who attended 20 breathwork sessions over eight weeks had lower levels of cortisol – the hormone that triggers our stress response – than those who didn’t attend the sessions.

Advanced Breathwork Techniques for Deep Relaxation

The key to a successful breathwork session is providing a safe space for your clients. You may offer them blankets, eye masks or burn sage to help create a relaxing atmosphere. You should also provide a gentle introduction and answer any questions they might have before the session begins. This will help them feel confident in their ability to perform the exercise and let go of their apprehension.

Breathwork Training can also be a great opportunity to build real, meaningful connections with other participants. You’ll bond with your classmates as you practice together, and these relationships can last long after the training is over. In addition to being a valuable networking tool, these connections can help you to form an ongoing support network to draw on during your professional journey as a breathwork coach.