Business Consultant – KK Forges

If you’re an aspiring business consultant, you must be aware of what your clients are telling you, and you must be able to ask the right questions. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to figure out what solution will best deliver them the results they want.

Business consultant – KK Forges is a renowned engineering consulting company in Singapore. It specializes in building structural inspections and testing. It also offers periodic maintenance of structures to ensure their proper functioning. KK Forges is known for its fast and efficient service, which allows it to provide clients with the best value.

Raydar’s success was good for KK, but the company faced problems, such as theft and inventory miscounts in its warehouses. KK’s supply chain managers asked Dante to develop a plan to solve those issues.

Navigating Change: The Role of KK Forges in Business Transformation

Dante agreed that KK could benefit from tagging its products. He proposed that KK embed flat tags in each cap after the customer pays at the register. The tag would become activated, connecting to a database that linked the buyer’s name to her purchases and other information. When the shopper next visited a KK store, readers mounted near the entrance would recognize her tag. Video screens would greet her by name and steer her to styles she prefers, in the right size.

Dante also wants KK to educate its consumers about the new technology. He believes that openness on both KK’s and Raydar’s parts will help build trusting relationships. He recommends educational outreach to parents, who will not always visit KK stores or see its ads, and to children, who may not understand the technology’s implications.