How to Add Power and Torque to Your Diesel

performance diesel

Diesel performance diesel are a popular choice in Salt Lake City and northern Utah. They offer excellent fuel efficiency and can handle tough jobs like towing or hauling. Nevertheless, some drivers are looking to add a little more horsepower and torque to their trucks. Luckily, there are several ways to do this without compromising fuel economy or reliability.

One of the most cost effective diesel performance upgrades is a fuel system upgrade that includes a high-flow diesel fuel injector. These injectors increase the amount of fuel pressure during combustion, resulting in a more powerful engine. Another way to boost power is to tune the factory computer for better fuel economy and performance. However, this is a job best left to a professional to avoid a blown engine or failed emission tests.

Unleashing Power: The World of Performance Diesel Engines and Upgrades

Adding a new camshaft to the diesel engine is another good way to improve its power and performance. The new camshaft has a different profile for the intake and exhaust lobes, and it optimizes the boost produced by the turbo. In addition to boosting the power of the diesel engine, this modification also increases the efficiency of the exhaust flow and reduces noise.

A common misconception is that diesel engines can’t produce as much power as gasoline-powered cars. However, a diesel engine has the advantage of generating more power at lower revolutions than gasoline-powered engines. This allows them to maintain highway speeds without having to downshift, which can cause a loss in fuel efficiency.