What is Pest Control?

911 Exterminators Pest control is the process of minimizing the impact of harmful organisms on our homes, gardens and businesses by controlling their numbers or damage. It involves prevention – keeping a pest from becoming a problem, suppression – reducing the pest population to an acceptable level and, eradication – completely destroying an entire pest infestation.

What is the most preferred method of pest control?

Physical or mechanical pest control uses traps, screens, barriers and fences to keep pests out or to remove them if they are already present. It also includes pruning and removing nests, which stops pests from spreading.

Biological pest control uses natural enemies to reduce pest populations. These can be predators, parasites or pathogens. This method is usually safer for your plants, children and pets than chemical pesticides. But, because natural enemies must be introduced in large numbers to have a noticeable effect, it is more time consuming and expensive than other methods of pest control.

Eradication is usually not attempted in outdoor pest situations, although it is possible for some insects such as the Mediterranean fruit fly or gypsy moth. This is because it is often impossible to totally eliminate an insect that has established itself in the environment.

The best way to prevent pest problems is to prevent them from getting into your home or garden in the first place. Regularly inspect your windows, doors and foundation for cracks or openings that could allow pests to enter. Store food and household items in sealed containers and remove garbage regularly. Also, make sure your garden and landscaping is properly maintained and kept away from your house.


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