Bluetti AC200Max – A Powerful Off-Grid Power Station

bluetti ac200max

A large and powerful power station is an essential part of a prepper’s off-grid kit. Extreme weather events, high strain on the grid and other factors can cause brownouts and blackouts for days at a time. Having a battery-powered, off-grid power station on hand offers peace of mind that your devices will be running when you need them most.

The bluetti ac200max is a large and powerful power station with 2,048Wh of capacity. It’s also one of the most expensive units we’ve tested, but it’s worth it for the long-lasting lithium phosphate batteries and strong inverter.

It’s an impressive device with a lot of functionality, including fast charging capabilities and a handy app for controlling it remotely. There’s a lot of information displayed on the screen, making it easier to monitor the unit’s health and settings than most other portable power stations.

Bluetti AC200Max: A Comprehensive Review of the Ultimate Solar Power Station

There are also two wireless pads at the top of the unit, which can charge your devices at 15W and are compatible with most phones using Qi wireless technology. They don’t use standby power, so they can charge iPhones and Samsung phones without any issue.

Ports and outputs

On the left side of the unit are input ports that can be used for charging via an AC adapter or solar panels. There are two more plugs above those for attaching Bluetti battery expansion packs to boost the total system capacity to 8192Wh.

The unit also has a variety of outputs for charging things like a 12-volt car power port and a 100W USB-C. It also has two 15W wireless pads that are capable of wirelessly charging up to two phones at a time.